The CT Reserve’s stewardship program works closely with partners to plan and implement activities of mutual interest and benefit, such as habitat restoration, invasive species control, wildlife monitoring, and helping to train and supervise volunteers. The main objectives of the Reserve’s Stewardship Program are to:

  1. Conduct thorough site assessments to understand and inventory rare/endangered and invasive species within reserve properties;
  2. Serve as liaison with CTDEEP to facilitate work being done in the reserve by outside organizations;
  3. Establish and grow partnerships with government, academic, and non-profit conservation and preservation organizations to facilitate preservation, conservation and restoration of coastal habitats, flora, and fauna; and
  4. Conduct cross-cutting work with the other sectors that supports overall reserve goals (e.g. pollinator gardens, living classrooms, etc.).

If you would like to join our email list for updates about the Reserve’s research efforts or would like to collaborate, please email our Research Coordinator at