Coastal Training Program

People walking through the sand dunes at a beach.The Coastal Training Program (CTP) is designed to bring information to coastal communities for improved decision-making. Focusing CTP efforts on our NERR’s priority topics of habitat, water quality, and climate will improve stewardship of the Reserve and our surrounding watersheds. Training programs will be delivered to a range of audiences including government staff, NGOs, consultants, and regional organizations. These programs will provide capacity building and technical assistance that leverages partnerships and our research, education, and stewardship programs. The main objectives of the Reserve’s CTP programming are to:

  1. Establish the proposed CT NERR’s CTP as a reliable and relevant source for training and support on coastal management issues.
  2. Deliver science-based knowledge and skills appropriate to the needs of coastal decision-makers through partnerships that support program content.
  3. Increase access of CTP target audiences to the Reserve and its resources through increased networking and information sharing.

Examples of training topics include:

  • Facilitating a Long Island Sound Eelgrass Collaborative to improve management and restoration of an important living resource in the region;
  • Working with partners to deliver training that advances implementation and monitoring of living shoreline sites;
  • Networking practitioners to better identify and manage invasive species;
  • Leveraging NOAA resources to deliver process-based training (e.g. planning effective projects and facilitation basics for coastal managers).

Being a newly established Reserve, our staff are working to develop programming. If you would like to join our email list for updates about our CTP workshops, please email our CTP Coordinator at