Look and Listen

Saving the Sound with History (Interview)

Lola Jalbert, NERRA’s cub reporter, catches up with Meg Shah, recent graduate from the University of Connecticut and undergraduate intern at the Connecticut Reserve. They talked about modern lawns and historic eelgrass, why the Reserve is a sweet spot for undergraduate scientists, and why climate doom isn’t always the answer. Read more about Meg’s research here. 

Too Much of a Good Thing: The Role of Nutrients in Water (Podcast)

The Clean Water Pod is a podcast all about clean water efforts! Join host Jeff Berckes to explore challenges and successes of the 303(d) program in the United States. In this episode he is joined by professors Jamie Vaudrey (CT Reserve’s Research Coordinator) and Jim Cotner to speak about phosphorus and nitrogen – two common nutrients found in freshwater and coastal ecosystems. They explore what these nutrients are, where they come from, and how they impact water quality. Listen on Podbean.

Connecticut East – Connecticut National Estuarine Research Reserve (Podcast)

Education Coordinator, Larissa Graham, and Research Coordinator, Jamie Vaudrey, were interviewed by Connecticut East for a National Ocean Month podcast. Listen on Youtube.

NERR or Far: The Reserves Are Where You Are (Podcast)

Listen to the “NERR or Far: The Reserves Are Where You Are” podcast episodes on this website or on Spotify. Podcast content covers coastal ecology, management, anthropology, hazard mitigation and opportunities for public interaction with National Estuarine Research Reserve sites. This podcast was created for grades 6-12 and includes supplemental resources for teachers, including worksheets for the classroom.

Talk NERRdy to Me: Kevin O’Brien and Jamie Vaudrey (Article)

Talk NERRdy to Me is a monthly column about leaders and luminaries from across our Reserves. In this issues, the National Estuarine Research Reserve Association’s roving reporter Nik Charov spoke with Kevin O’Brien, supervising environmental analyst, and Jamie Vaudrey, the first research coordinator at the newly designated Connecticut Reserve. They talked about why the mouth of the Connecticut River doesn’t have a city on it, some do’s and don’ts of the designation process, and why the Long Island Sound isn’t as boring as it sounds.