Matthew Leason

Graduate Student, Ph.D.

Professional experience

Matthew is excited to pursue his PhD degree at the University of Connecticut-Avery Point, to collaborate with the Reserve staff, and to assist undergraduate students in completing their research. Matthew
recently graduated from Stockton University, and earned his Bachelor of Science in Marine Science with a concentration in Marine Biology. He spent his undergraduate career exploring Eelgrass and Eastern
Oysters, and hopes to further these studies with the CTNERR and the Vaudrey Lab.

What’s your favorite memory of the Reserve?

Growing up in southern New Jersey, Matthew would take any opportunity he had to go explore the coastal areas. “I am excited to continue this exploration within the Connecticut coastal areas and the Reserve. One of my favorite memories, so far, is the first time I explored Bluff Point State Park. It was a great day to walk through the park, seeing the forest give way to spanning beaches and rocky cliffs with amazing views of the Long Island Sound. It was a great introduction to Connecticut’s coastline, and a portion of the Reserve.”

Contact Information