George McManus

Director Emeritus

Connecticut National Estuarine Research Reserve

Professional experience

George is a biological oceanographer, now retired. He received his PhD from Stony Brook University and worked at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, the University of Maryland, and the Dauphin Island Sea Lab before coming to UConn, where he has taught for 28 years. His research is focused on microbial plankton, including bacteria, phytoplankton, and ciliated protozoa, documenting their diversity and distributions in the coastal ocean. He served as the Interim Reserve Manager and Center Director until 2023/2024 and now has received the honorary title of Director Emeritus for all of his hard work getting the Reserve up and running.

What is your favorite memory of the Sound?

“One time I was fishing with my son and a seal popped up next to the boat with a fish in his mouth.  We just stood there watching and marveling at this bit of the food chain taking place before our eyes.”

Contact Information