Gavin Jackson

Graduate Student, Ph.D.

Professional experience

Gavin hails from the island of Jamaica where he graduated with a BSc. in Marine Biology followed by a MSc. in Natural Resource Management in Marine & Terrestrial Ecosystems from the University of the West Indies. His MSc. research focused on the effect of water quality on native seagrass communities within the Kingston Harbor in Jamaica. He is currently an Environmental Analyst with the State of Connecticut focusing mainly on Coastal Zone Management, Coastal Technical Resources, Coastal Ecology and Project Management. Gavin is enthusiastic about his PhD journey here at University of Connecticut – Avery Point and with the CT NERR under Dr. Vaudrey’s guidance.

What is your favorite memory of the Sound?

“My favorite memory of the Sound, and my first experience in the Sound, was when I saw a peacock flounder for the first time swim across my path and disappeared in the sand, perfectly camouflaged.”

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