Emily Watling

Graduate Student, M.S.

Professional experience

Emily is a recent graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University, receiving her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Earth Science with a concentration in Environmental Science. Her undergraduate research focused on monitoring the eelgrass meadow within the Little Narragansett Bay Estuary, and she quickly fell in love with the work and the eelgrass world. She is eager to continue her studies in Biological Oceanography at the University of Connecticut – Avery Point, as well as work alongside the CT NERR on the Long Island Sound Eelgrass Collaborative Team. She plans to pursue her PhD after her M.S. within the Oceanography field, and is very excited to be working with the CT NERR and the Vaudrey Lab.

What is your favorite memory of the Sound?

“My favorite memory of the Sound is a few years ago aboard the Project Oceanology research vessel. Though I had seen Long Island Sound before, I had never truly been in it, and I was so thrilled to be out learning about the species and the water quality with a group of amazing scientists. My partner and I, both environmental science students and graduates of an aquaculture high school program, spent the day identifying fish with other passengers and helping kids know the difference between their flounders. It was truly a magical day, and I knew then that I had to foster my love for the ocean and teaching in my future. That one day in the Sound pushed me to start my undergraduate research project and led me to the CT NERR.”

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